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Utilising the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the entire Healey & Lord product range can be placed in a location digitally simply using any smart phone’s built-in camera, allowing you to see how the product will look in your finished room.

The AR Viewer is only available on mobile and tablet devices

We recommend using your device in landscape mode for the widest possible view

Accessing the AR Viewer

  1. Visit the Healey & Lord website on your mobile or tablet device
  2. Navigate to the product you are interested in viewing
  3. Click the 360 tab above the product image
  4. Click the icon in the top right corner
  5. If requested, grant access to your camera app
  6. This will load the product into the room you are currently in, using AR technology to identify the floor, walls and required scale of the product

Using the AR Viewer

Once the product has loaded, use the touch screen to move and attach the product to the desired wall or location within the room – once locked in place, you will be able to move around the product, and view it from different angles.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues using the AR Viewer, please contact us on 01603 488709, or e-mail